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About Sayoni - About Us
Written by sayoni   
Sunday, 03 January 2010 16:39

By using this site, you agree to the following rules and any subsequent changes.



  1. use standard international English and spell out acronyms in the first instance;
  2. be courteous and respectful;
  3. request permission from the creator of any material before you use or reproduce it;
  4. name the source/author of any material when you post it on this site;
  5. meet other users in a group and in a public place, rather than alone and/or in private;
  6. inform seriously, directly and firmly any person who is making you uncomfortable by their behaviour or words, to stop them;
  7. email admin[at]sayoni[dot]com to inform us if any site user continues harassing you despite you telling them not to do so;
  8. consider approaching Oogachaga or Counselling & Care Centre for assistance with personal issues if needed;
  9. link to Sayoni from your website/s and encourage your friends to participate if you support what we do.

NOT to:

  1. share your password with anyone (note: Sayoni will never ask you for it either);
  2. discuss illegal activities, such as hacking, piracy and theft;
  3. post any sexually explicit materials or links to them;
  4. use vulgar or abusive language;
  5. make personal attacks, say or write anything which has no factual basis and would damage another person's reputation;
  6. post any private communications between you and another person without their permission
  7. register more than one account;
  8. pretend to be someone else;
  9. post on another person's behalf;
  10. represent Sayoni;
  11. make any negative comments about any individual or group based on their characteristics, such as gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, language and nationality;
  12. directly or indirectly, through words or behaviour, express interest in someone if they have asked you to stop doing so.

We reserve the right to edit or ban any content or person on the site and at associated activities for violating these rules.

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