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Review: The L Word Season 6 Premiere
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Written by AnJ   
Monday, 26 January 2009 00:00

There are a few great mysteries in this world. Are there aliens out there? Does God exist? How were the pyramids built? But the greatest mystery of all, to me, is still why in the world I continue watching The L Word (and Grey’s Anatomy, but I’ve resolved to give no more airtime on this website to that particular show). As a heads-up to all our readers: a (slightly edited) first episode is available on the Official L Word podcast, free and legal for download.

If you have continued watching the show for 5 seasons, you are probably one of those people who just keep trudging along, hoping and praying that one day, miraculously, the sun is going to shine through the clouds and the show is going to get better. Well, I wouldn’t start holding my breath anytime soon – because if the premiere is anything to go by, the next seven episodes are going to be long and torturous.

So we open the show with cops on the scene, and who do we see as the detective, but Lucy Lawless, aka Xena the Warrior Princess. I have it on the best authority that I had a coronary right then, because, for crying out loud, it is Lucy Lawless, aka, hotness personified, aka butch-rape fantasy, aka my get-out-of-jail-card.

After I got a bypass and stitched my weakened heart back up, came the second (non)shocker of the episode: Dead Jenny. At this point, I swear I could hear angels singing “Hallelujah!”, and birds chirping, and the sky seemed so much bluer. Seriously. I’ve been wishing for Jenny to die for 5 seasons, and I thought I finally got it.

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Review: Milk
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Friday, 23 January 2009 00:00

Occasionally a trickle of gay films makes it through the censors and the distribution channels. We had the love stories. Brokeback Mountain. Imagine Me and You. Then there were the shows that featured famous people, among them last year’s Indignation fundraiser, Wilde. Now there is Milk, a intelligent biopic that is deeply entwined with the gay movement.

To put the premise in a nutshell, Milk is the real-life story of the first openly gay man who took political office in the US, Harvey Milk. He ran for office three times, was finally voted city supervisor on his fourth try, and only a year later, had an untimely death at the hands of another supervisor. Gus Van Sant tells the story of this man in personal and political terms, tracking his career and recreating his love life, taking some dramatic liberties with the latter while remaining outwardly faithful to the former.

So that I can get this out of the way first — I think Milk succeeds through its sincerity, its contemporaneity, the political relevance of a buoyant civil rights movement, brilliant acting from Sean Penn and the supporting cast, and a lot of effort and talent put into the production otherwise.

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Review: I Can’t Think Straight
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Written by Indu   
Monday, 08 December 2008 00:00

I watched I Can’t Think Straight with high hopes and anticipation. The trailer was certainly enticing, and so was the possibility of watching Lisa Ray (whom I was drooling over, since her role in Water) in some girl-on-girl action.


I have to say, I wasn’t too disappointed. I Can’t Think Straight is precisely the kind of movie we need more – the ones that involve non-white people and happy endings, the lead characters being an Arab Christian (*gasp*, yes they exist) and a Muslim Indian (born and bred in Britain). It can quite easily be called a cross between Imagine Me and You, and Runaway Bride, with a Bend it Like Beckham-ish flavour. The plot is entirely predictable to a fault, and nothing really surprises the average viewer. But I am not complaining, because for years, I’ve been complaining that we do not have enough happy ending gay movies.

Lisa Ray and Sheetal Sheth are reasonably good actresses – though there are no Oscar-worthy moments, they are entirely believable in the chemistry between them. After all, one look from Lisa Ray’s smouldering green eyes could turn the straightest girl gay. The sex scenes between them are definitely hot – and as a plus, we get two of them!

The writing is average, and laugh-at-loud funny at many points – however, I am not sure whether it is due to the writing or direction, but at some times, the movie is just simply clunky. It might have something to do with the fact that this was a print-to-screen transference, where the fluidity of the script was lost on the cutting room floor.

Overall, the movie sends a very positive message. A friend of mine, while watching it, complained that there wasn’t enough character-development and building up of the chemistry, but I disagree. After all, it is TV. Harry and Sally didn’t spend months dating and talking before they got together (that we saw on TV), and neither did Ian and Maggie (they decided to get married after their first kiss, for god’s sake). The film does not win points for realism. In real life, the coming out to a Indian Muslim family, or an Arab Christian family for that matter, would be met by a hell of a lot more problems and backlash. But this is entirely fine in my opinion, because I am sure Harry and Sally did not live happily ever together anyway.

It is most definitely worth watching if you can get your hands on it.

We thank Regent Releasing for allowing us access to a screener of the movie for review purposes.

The Grey Area
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Written by Indu   
Tuesday, 11 November 2008 00:00


So we all had high hopes. We all stayed glued to our screens, crying with joy about the best thing that ever happened to network television lesbian representation: Callie and Erica on Grey’s Anatomy.

But it was not to be. Season 5 started airing in September, and though yes, I have been too busy to give updates on the sexciting happenings on Grey’s [let's just drop the pretense we care about Meredith or Cristina or Bailey], I have been following the series along with that other show, Heroes [until the plotline started completely irritating me and I decided to give up].

Callie and Erica did eventually get it on after their hot kiss at the end of Season 4 – for detailed recaps on what happened, check AfterEllen. After the traditional gay panic, the even more traditional lets-take-it-slow dating which ended up in a fast beeline to the bed, Erica figuring out she is soooo gay, Callie figuring out she is bisexual, not lesbian by testing theories with Sloane… it all ended in a big what in the name of Sappho when Erica simply walked away from Callie over a silly argument over who got Denny’s heart and Grey Areas.

Devoted fans knew a week before the episode was released, that Brooke Smiths, who plays Erica was fired by ABC for some reason. No one knows why in the name of Sappho’s U-haul this happened, and why Brooke Smiths had to be fired, instead of them just breaking up and keeping the character of Erica on the show. Even GLAAD is taking Shonda’s side on this, and they are blaming it all on bad chemistry.

Pfft. It would be a little more believable had we not been hearing rumours that Melissa George was coming to the show as a bisexual intern, but that was quickly thrown in the can about the same time as Brooke Smiths was fired.

And here I was, so happy, so proud, that network television was going where no man (or woman) had gone before, in rather bravely portraying queer characters [remember last season? Remember the hot gay soldier kiss? Remember Joe the bartender? What happened to him anyway, after becoming a twin daddy?]. And here it is, all broken. *sobs*

Many queer folks who were already long-time fans of Grey’s, or those who jumped on the wagon after Callica [ie, the shipper term for Callie and Erica] have taken to boycotting the show. Jump off the wagon all you want, I’m riding this to the end to see what happens to Callie, at least. And not just because Sara Ramirez is hot [that gigawatt smile and the curves and the boobs... need I say more?]. And ABC, I love you, I love most of your other productions, but since you decided to stop giving us airtime, I will have to do the same for you on this space which was generously given to you, on the dime of the people who pay for the hosting of Sayoni.

Goodbye, Callica… we’ll miss you!

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New Release: I can’t think straight!
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Written by sayoni   
Tuesday, 28 October 2008 00:00

here! Films and Regent Releasing proudly presents:
I CAN’T THINK STRAIGHT trailer & poster premiered on Cinematical!
Please click here to view.

An exuberant, touching romantic comedy about clashing of the two worlds and cultures. Tala, a London-based Palestinian, prepares for her elaborate wedding in Jordan when she meets Leyla, a young British Indian woman who turns her world upside down.

I CAN’T THINK STRAIGHT stars Lisa Ray (WATER, KILL KILL FASTER FASTER), Sheetal Sheth (ABCD, THE WORLD UNSEEN), Rez Kempton (THE MYSTIC MASSEUR) and Nina Wadia (EASTEBDERS). The film was adapted from the writers and directors, Shamim Sarif (THE WORLD UNSEEN) best-selling novel and produced by Hanan Kattan (THE WORLD UNSEEN). I CAN’T THINK STRAIGHT was written, directed, financed and produced almost entirely by women – an Enlightenment Productions film.

I CAN’T THINK STRAIGHT opens in theaters on Friday, November 21, 2008

View trailer.

Download the poster

Press materials


Review: The Vagina Monologues
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Written by Indu   
Sunday, 12 October 2008 00:00

I went to watch this last night with a few of the Sayoni girls. It would be a crime for me to miss this when it is finally playing in Singapore. Eve Ensler’s celebrated groundbreaking play was given a local flavour by director Loretta Chen, produced by Zebra Crossing.

The monologues is basically a series of short skits telling different stories of women – of love, of sex, betrayal, relationships, empowerment, femininity. I have never seen the Eve Ensler original, but I suppose that means little when this play is supposed to be an evolving piece that accomodates the changing nature of society, and in this case, was given a thoroughly local makeover. So, free from the comparisons from the original, I would say this is mostly a pretty good production in terms of acting, casting and direction. If it were not the last day, I would highly recommend people to go watch it.

The various skits were alternately touching, heartbreaking and funny. It started off with a monologue by an Indian woman about her vaginal hair which her husband found unpalatable, then going into what can only be described as the Vagina Circle – group of women sitting around examining their vaginas, except they were wearing army uniforms and taking orders. An allusion to militant feminism? Perhaps. Notably, there was the original-but-modified chorus of 12-year old girls describing their first periods, who terrorised the first three rows of the audience by walking among them, and distributing (even throwing) sanitary napkins. There was the older woman who couldn’t say the word “vagina”, but held up her hand in a V-sign instead of verbalising it, talking about the experience where she was finally able to “love” her vagina. A woman ranted about the treatment her vagina was getting from the society (which was really funny and insightful) through tampouns, douches and OG/GYN tools. Then of course, the completely controversial originally-13-but-modified-to-18-for-singapore girl who found healing from her traumatic sexual experiences through an experience with an older woman. A pole dancer pranced around for a few minutes, before a group of women sang about their short skirts. A male-to-female-transsexual talks about her femininity and her trials over it. A female dominatrix waxed lyrical about her experiences with giving women pleasure (which was probably the funniest part about the play), where all the different kinds of moans were enacted out, culminating the famously vocal “triple orgasm”. Finally, there was the monologue about childbirth, from various perspectives.

One of the values of the play is that it is highly gay-friendly. Same-sex relationships are portrayed positively – one of the controversies about the play, of course.

One of my main complaints is that it was discomfitingly tokenised in terms of race – Chinese, Malay, Indian. Furthermore, I don’t find it funny when people spout random tamil phrases for laughs, and especially when it is not in context. No one, and I mean no one, says “Thank you” in Tamil during sex. Secondly, what was the pole dancer about? Yes she was fun to watch, but I don’t believe it added any value to the play except pull in the straight male audience.

All in all, I would say this was a well-done production, especially with the high standards people are going to hold this to.

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This Week in Queer Entertainment (3/6/08 – 9/6/08)
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Written by Indu   
Wednesday, 11 June 2008 00:00

Coming at you a little late this week, we present to you, pain for love, and ultimate twists.

A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila II

This week, Tila challenges the contestants to prove their love for her through getting a tattoo, a piercing, walking on broken glass or sitting in the electric chair. And so they did… All the contestants, very smartly, avoided getting Tila’s name tattooed on them, because in Kristy’s words, anytime that happens, it is a jinx (right on, Kristy). Kristy got a discreet star tattoo that matched Tila’s (once again, very smart), saving on thousands of dollars on tattoo-removal if she ever gets kicked off the show. Jay and Bo got (inadvertently) matching shot-glass tattoos, and George chose the fake broken-glass, which apparently hurt him in ways that did not hurt Tila’s feet. Lisa chose the electric chair – tip to the ladies… you’ve got to keep a woman who’d sit in the electric chair for you. Britney got a stomach piercing, despite supposedly being afraid of needles (er, so the piercing in your lower lip and eyebrow were made by something else?).

Lisa, however, messed up the date later with Tila by running off her mouth, and still keeping her guards up, and refusing to let herself fall. Realising she made a mistake, she kicked everyone’s ass later in the second challenge and won the bedroom date with Tila, where she told Tila that “love was a strong word”. Now, I don’t see anything unreasonable about that… if anything, Tila is too used to people falling in lust/love with her immediately, and 7 weeks on a TV show is not really the best recipe for true love. And of course, there is the fact that Lisa and her are, in her words, a rollercoaster ride. Quite frankly, their courtship is the most realistic one on the show, the preliminaries of a very passionate, intense relationship.

But it was not to be. Tila chose Britney, who was “slow and steady”, over Lisa, at elimination, getting rid of a very bitter George in the process. And she kept Jay, which, once again, makes me go “huh?!”. Whenever they kiss, I have to turn away from the screen and puke.

With Lisa gone, my bets are on Kristy and Bo making the final two – but we’ll know, when Tila visits their hometowns next week, and decides who is best for her!

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This Week in Queer Entertainment (26/5/08 – 2/6/08)
Articles - Entertainment
Written by Indu   
Tuesday, 03 June 2008 00:00

High-profile lesbian scandals and wrestling… that is what we have for you this week.

Hollywood Lesbian Scandal

Jodie and and new lover Cindi

Taken from New York Daily.

Oscar-winning actress Jodie Foster, 45, has a new woman in her life.

According to various sources, including England’s Daily Mail, Foster dumped her long-time girlfriend Cydney Bernard for screenwriter Cindy Mort. The two apparently met on the set of Foster’s 2007 movie “The Brave One.”

Foster, 45, and Bernard, 55, had been together for 14 years and had been raising Foster’s two children. Foster, who won Best Actress Oscars for her roles in “The Accused” and “The Silence of the Lambs” has never revealed the identity of the father of her two sons, Kit (9) and Charles (6).

According to the Daily Mail, Mort, 41, was in a relationship with former “Thirtysomething” actress Melanie Mayron. The two had been raising ten-year-old twins Olivia and Miles.

The source quoted by the Daily Mail said: “Cydney had no idea their relationship was in trouble until Jodie came home one day and told her she’d fallen in love with Cindy and was moving out. Cydney is devastated.”

As for the other side of this scandal, the source says Mayron is also taking the split very hard.

“It’s not easy to be dumped for the most famous lesbian in Hollywood. It is the biggest lesbian love scandal to grip this town in years.”

While I sympathise with the women who have been dumped, I have to simultaneously marvel at how lesbians can create drama anywhere, even in Hollywood. The last time something like this happened, Ellen DeGeneres dumped Alexandra Henderson and Portia de Rossi dumped Francesca Gregorini, and as we all know, Ellen and Portia are getting married, something usually not expected out of a scandalous union like that.

Jodie and Cydney

Yeah, for those people who have been living under a rock for the past 15 years… Surprise! Jodie Foster is gay. As if you could have missed it when she thanked her “beautiful Cydney” at an award show. At the next award show, she can just swap around two letters, and thank her “beautiful Cyndey” instead, and no one will even spot the difference!

All the same… we wish Jodie Foster and Cindi Mort good luck in their new relationship, and offer a listening ear and tissues to Cydney and Melanie.

A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila II


Gelatin, stay or go, and cockroaches. That would be a good tagline for this episode of Tila Tequila, which would have been run of the mill had it not been for the Stay or Go “game”.

Of course, you know Lisa is going to win the Challenge du Jour, because in Tila’s words, “she is a beast”. In a good way, of course. Ahem. [I rest assured in the knowledge that the local authorities cannot possibly prosecute Tila for bestiality after reading this entry and taking it literally]. The real surprising thing about this challenge was that Britney was beaten by Samantha aka Glitter, who displayed a new-found beastly vengeance that is scarier than her glitter eyeshadow. Yeah, you know she’s never going to live down losing to a stripper. After winning the wrestling challenge, Lisa’s team went on a trip to Tila’s candy-store [a real one, what were you thinking?] and er… got themselves some sugar. Really, I am not making innuendoes here.

Honestly, I wonder about you guys sometimes.

In the Stay or Go game, where the contestants were asked to decide who was compatible and who was not, Glitter decided to take the moral high road and “not judge people” – which is understandable, because, you know, she’s a stripper and she must be so sick of being judged herself. Everyone voted Lisa to stay, knowing the “beast” she is, and how much of a connection she had with Tila. Almost everyone voted Bo to go home, citing a personality clash. So Lisa got immunity from elimination (oh, hi there Survivor) and Bo got a one-on-one date, during which Tila affirmed her feelings towards Bo and decided the rest of them were wrong.

At elimination, Scotty and Glitter got the boot. Scotty aka Mr Pastry-Puff-in-need-of-a-shave was told their relationship could not go beyond friendship (which I could have told her from the beginning), and Glitter was told she was too emotional to handle Tila. Oh gee, you think? She has cried at least 15 times on the show so far, often over nothing. The girl is worse than Amanda of the yesterseason – at least when Amanda talked, she did not burst into bouts of inappropriate laughter or cry over spilled glitter.

Of course, I have absolutely no idea why Jay aka Jersey is still in the running. He is loud, obnoxious, immature and idiotic. He acts like a frat boy, and if it were up to me, I’d have sent him home on the first day. I predicted Kristy to get the boot last week, because I thought the way she was not really spending any time with Tila, there was not much hope for her, but this week, she did. Anyway I like her because she looks like a blonde version of Brandi.

Predictions for next week: Jay and George. George is hanging on by a slim thread, as he is not fighting enough and showing that he is more than just a nice guy with no spice. I definitely like Lisa, and I think she is going all the way to the top 3.

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Review: Wilde
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Written by irene   
Sunday, 01 June 2008 00:00



“Unasked by night; I am true Love, I fill
The hearts of boy and girl with mutual flame.”
Then sighing, said the other, “Have thy will,
I am the love that dare not speak its name.”


– True Love, Lord Alfred Douglas


It was a historical moment. Wilde, a movie made in 1997 was banned in Singapore for 'homosexual content', and it has been passed without cut with a R21 rating this year.

It is not without its merits with good acting and reminding people that Wilde was persecuted under laws against homosexual acts. It is just that it isa rather straightforward story of how a legendary man was persecuted for his forbidden love. If you are looking for something delicate and touches the heart,it is likely that you would be disappointed.

I have always liked Oscar Wilde and his works ...perhaps not so much of his works, but rather his wit and sarcasm. I like Stephen Fry's acting, depicting Oscar Wilde as the talented and flamboyant playwright which we all know him to be. Unfortunately, depicting such a legendary character is always too much of a burden for any seasoned actor, as everyone will have an image of Oscar Wilde in his or her mind. Stephen Fry made a notable effort to merge with the genius he is playing, but he isn't the Oscar Wilde I have in my mind, and I don't blame him for it.

However, Stephen Fry's chemistry with the men left much to be desired. The intimate scenes were awkward and I felt like cringing whenever they start to get undressed. Jude Lawis yummy and totally to die for (no, the author isn't a gay man) but that is hardly salvation for the lackof on-screen chemistry.

Wilde's relationship with Bison (Lord Alfred Douglas, played by Jude Law) was the most well developed subplot in the entire movie, and that speaks volume about how lackluster the emotions are being played out on screen. One moment, you see him with Bobbie , clothes off and onto the bed. The next moment, you see him meeting the next guy and proceeding to have sex withhim. Next up, you see him with his wife Constance and their baby. The director failed to capture the intricacy of their relationships, and chose to jump from one incident to another, leaving audience with no time to feel for the characters. That was the most disappointing aspect of this movie, in my opinion.

Oscar Wilde was portrayed as a man of flesh and blood - his struggles between his loves, being arrogant and foolhardy at times and how he was slowly driven to the brink of desperation. Too silly to be Oscar Wilde, some might say, but I would not mind granting some artistic license to a movie, given it is not a documentary.

In short, it is above-average entertainment, and worth watching if you like Jude Law, enjoy witty dialogues, or want to see a movie about Oscar Wilde andhis less well-known story of being a victim of laws against homosexual acts. However, the lack of emotional engagement, tabloid-like angle and slight dramatic sensationalism has prevented it from being truly moving.

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This Week in Queer Entertainment (19/5/08 – 25/5/08)
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Written by Indu   
Monday, 26 May 2008 00:00

Drama drama drama. That’s what we have for you, this week. What’s new, right?

Grey’s Anatomy

Wooh, what a season finale. Not only did all our favourite couples end up together, we got a hot lesbian kiss between Callie and Erica at the end.

So, continuing on the thread of the clinical trial by Merder, this week, we had a couple who was going in for the experimental-surgery-that-has-not-worked-yet. Meredith continues seeing her therapist, and finally figures out her issues, and of course after that, you know, that she and Derek are going to end up back together eventually, especially after they managed to save one of the patients. The Disease du Jour was a boy trapped in a cement block, and eventually gets the girl of his dreams, Han Solo style. Bailey sees the bigger picture, and gives the clinic to Izzie, who in turn has learned to be assertive with Alex who is sheltering a crazy Rebecca/Ava. The Chief, who is The Villain in Meredith’s story, decides to give George a retest, and come home to his wife.

Now that we have all the other subplots straightened out, no pun intended, we can focus on our favourite couple. Callie and Erica have some sexual tension going on in surgery, but Callie still thinks it is Mark’s dirty talk which turns her on, not the subject of the dirty talk, though Mark realises it and tells her so. Of course, there is the anvil of subtlety plot-point that also urges Callie to finally make the move, which is that the girl that cement-boy likes, does not dare to tell anyone, including her friends, that she likes cement-boy too, for fear of ridicule. At the end of the day, Mark tells Callie to finish what she started… she walks up to Erica, and tells her she has something to say. Erica is not paying attention, she is looking for her keys… Callie demands Erica to pay attention, and when she straightens up and looks at her, Callie goes for the kiss.



After the whole montage of kissing scenes with all the characters, we finally come back to the couple who are still making out, and Mark is seen in the background, admiring his handiwork. Apparently, turning over a new leaf can also include urging your sex-buddy to be herself and kiss the woman she likes.

A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila

This week was a continuation of drama madness of yesterweek. The previous show left us hanging as to the fate of Bo – it turns out Chad headbutted and punched him. Bo, very wisely, did not fight back, and had to be taken to the hospital and have surgery for his jaw that split with the force of the punch. He fought through the surgery, and still managed to make it back on time to the show, which touched Tila. I have changed my mind…. the Bobby of this season is clearly Bo, not Kyle. They even have the same first two letters in the name, and have gotten into fights over Tila (remember Ashley punching out Bobby last season?). Tila clearly seems to be a sucker for that.

Of course, right after the fight, Chad was sent home by security, so thank goodness about that. Seeing his face on screen was making ME want to punch something. Tila made a surprising decision, and decided to invite George back into the house, clearly aware she had made a huge mistake in choosing Chad. (So why the hell did you not allow Brandi back in the last season? Arrghhh)

Though everyone was happy to see George back in the house, they did not quite feel it was fair in some ways, and Lisa questioned it, and started saying it was all fake under her breath, which Tila caught. It would have been bye-bye for Lisa, except that Lisa and Brittany won the challenge later, and the date with her. As usual, Lisa wins everything, and then, as Brittany puts it, jinxes whoever who goes on the double-date with her. Lisa and Tila started fighting about the misunderstanding earlier. And this was the true surprising part – Lisa just walked out, and Tila actually followed her, trying to talk to her. Given how princessy and choosy Tila is, her actually trying to make it with someone is out of the ordinary, and may show how much she might have fallen for Lisa. Lisa tried to explain that she needs some time, and is afraid of her feelings, and ended the fight by kissing Tila.

At elimination, Tila got rid of Sirbrina and Michelle. Sirbrina was just not making the effort to get to know Tila, though Tila was very physically attracted to her. Michelle, well, is rather forgettable. Lisa did not get the boot, as expected, but Tila decided that them fighting meant there was something worth fighting for, and there was a connection and feelings – probably evidenced by the passionate kissing they had at elimination. So, I think we all know who this season’s Dani is, except Lisa is not nearly as sweet and nice. Brittany broke the Lisa jinx, and was kept on the show, and George was told to step it up and not get too comfortable. Scotty, Mr Pastry-puff-in-need-of-a-shave, is probably there just because he has not done anything wrong yet.

Predictions: Jay and Kristy are getting the boot next week. Or at least, I hope Jay is, because I have to see his coloured-contact lens eyes one more time, I may want to gouge them out.

And this column ends the updates for Grey’s Anatomy until season 5 (if there will be one) starts again, but the updates for A Shot at Love will continue. As usual, if you have any entertainment updates, send it to [email protected], and you may see it published!

This Week in Queer Entertainment (11/5/08 – 18/5/08)
Articles - Entertainment
Written by Indu   
Sunday, 18 May 2008 00:00


Wedding bells, hot lesbian kisses and frat boys… this is what we have on your screen this week.

Wedding Bells

With the California Supreme Court striking down the ban on same-sex marriages as unconstitutional, our favourite celebrity lesbian couple, Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi have announced their intention to get married.

Spoilers after the break! Read at your own risk.

Grey’s Anatomy

Oh man… where do I start?

This episode, firstly, Erica and Callie make a crack about them being lovers, to Mark, and start trying to test his turn-over-a-new-leaf thing by teasing him about a threesome. Callie is trying to get Mark to go back to his whore-days and sleep with him, but he, uncharacteristically, points out that she is trying to use the sex to make up for some other thing, and then proceeds to tantalise her by building an image of making mad passionate love to Erica. This clearly disquiets Callie, and she asks him to stop talking about her.

Then after Erica saves the life of the cardio god and is going home at the end of the day, and in the traditional elevator scene of Grey’s, Callie and Erica further tease Mark about a threesome and tell him he would not be able to handle it.


erica kissing callie

Erica then kisses Callie, on the lips, and tells Mark it is too much for him… Mark, visibly turned on, finally caves in and tells Callie to meet him in the on-call room. Callie walks out the elevator with a dazed look on her face, but makes a turn, presumably to the on-call room.

And I still have no idea where this is going, but at least this show is looking up for me. Not just because of the lesbian “romance”, but also because Meredith is finally facing her demons in therapy and healing herself. Thank you, Shonda. Hopefully, by the end of the season, Callie and Erica will not be the only ones who have worked their issues out and gotten together.

A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila

This week was a week of gender equality, surprising twists, and explosive testosterone.

The episode started out with a rodeo-riding competition, after the guys and girls nearly came to near blows over gay marriage. Okay, wait, let me rephrase that – after the girls and Chad came to near blows. For the rodeo competition, for a change, they stopped pitting the guys against girls, something I have been complaining about for some time. Instead, they just split them into two teams. Thank you, MTV.

There is only one word to describe the subsequent pool party – HOT. You gotta see it to believe it, oh wait, I’ll just post a sample screencap here.



That is only a sampling, ladies!

The later dunking derby was unremarkable except that the girls and guys were partnered with each other for it, and Lisa and Kyle won. Now, you must remember that on Tila, getting alone time with Tila is not always a good thing. Dominic got alone time with Tila last time, and look how well that turned out – for the jerks, it is a prime opportunity to for Tila to discover exactly why they should be eliminated. Kyle has been stalkery and weird for the past three episodes, and once he started asking Tila questions about her sexual escapades, Tila knew it was time to boot his ass.

Elimination was a surprise twist, because instead of keeping to the one-girl, one-guy ratio, Tila eliminated George, the really sweet, nice guy that everyone loved. A lot of people cried when George was eliminated (okay I cried too) Even Tila tearfully acknowledged it was a tough thing to do, as she told the contestants not to make her regret eliminating George. Uh… I can think of two people who are going to do that, Tila. Their names start with J and C, and are hereby christened The Redneck and The Punk, because I am starting to doubt their right to have real names that would indicate they are worthy of any basic respect.

And of course, within minutes of Tila making that mistake, it is proven how wrong her choice was, when Jay and Chad literally butt heads with Bo. The episode ends on a cliffhanger, where the fate of Bo is unknown. I am foreseeing another ambulance being called. Maybe they should keep an ambulance on standby near the house whenever they are shooting – Tila’s suitors have a very high casualty rate.

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