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New site launch!
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Written by sayoni   
Monday, 15 February 2010 00:00


Four years after we first opened the doors to the world, Sayoni is proud to present our spanking new renovated site. We didn't just renovate the apartment -  we built a mansion and moved in all the old furniture, installed a pool and a tennis court, and added a gym just for good measure. Why? All to make your visiting experience so much better.

So what's new? Here are the main highlights.

Under One Roof!

No, not just the lamest sitcom in Singapore history. All the various components of the old site is under one banner, and you can browse the forum and articles without leaving the main site, as well other check out other features, such as the Queer Women Survey and Summer Camp. You are also able to search the entire site now.


We have expanded the profile section such that you can add as much or as little information as you want. Want to find out if that smart-sounding girl on the forum is single? Check her profile!


Along with an expanded profile, you can now add certain members as friends, giving them the ability to communicate with you by Private Message. Yes, our onerous (to everyone, including us) system of granting PM privileges manually is gone! We are giving YOU the control over who is allowed to talk to you.


Events organisation has been moved out of the forum - now there is a dedicated Events section, which is easier to access and keep track of. The Events room in the forum is closed with immediate effect.


Classifieds is also its own section now. However, the classifieds room in the forum will remain open for a short while. You are encouraged to move your ads to the section before it is closed!


Want to reach our 1800+ and growing network of women? We are now open for in-page advertising. Contact us.


We now have a user guide, if you are completely clueless as how to navigate this site. However, if you are stranded on an island after a plane crash, we really can't help you.

And there is so much more. We are here to serve YOU, so if you have feedback, or feature requests, head on over to our forum, or just contact us privately.

Last Updated on Monday, 28 June 2010 01:22
Correction: Sayoni Survey Report 2008
Articles - Announcements
Written by sayoni   
Friday, 22 January 2010 01:10

We would like to note that there has been a correction made to the report on page 33, as there was a decimal place error made in the field for respondents who live with their immediate family in an HDB flat. The data was previously 5.7%, it has now been corrected to 57%. You may download the corrected report here:

Last Updated on Wednesday, 03 March 2010 11:57
Oogachaga Women Support Group
Articles - Announcements
Written by Indu   
Sunday, 20 December 2009 01:11



OC Women is a personal development group for lesbians and women who love
women. Through individual development, reflection and heart-to-heart
discussions, we aim to create a personal oasis – time and space for every
woman who wants to grow to better understand herself, her relationships, and
the community that she lives in.

The fourth run of OC Women will be a ten-session programme commencing in
late January 2010. Women aged 25 years and above are invited to share the
OCW experience.

Please write to [email protected] for details.

AWARE fundraiser (Singapore)
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Thursday, 08 October 2009 01:14

Have you booked your seats for The Blue Mansion?

The Blue Mansion

Don’t miss the special screening of Glen Goei’s latest film The Blue Mansion on 15th October. It’s a fundraising premiere and the net proceeds will go to AWARE.

Don’t miss the special screening of Glen Goei’s latest film The Blue Mansion on 15th October. It’s a fundraising premiere and the net proceeds will go to AWARE.

There will be a pre-movie cocktail reception where you can meet Glen and members of his cast. They include Lim Kay Siu, Adrian Pang, Neo Swee Lin, Emma Yong, Claire Wong, Tan Kheng Hua, and Huzir Sulaiman.

Remember to bring your business card because there will be a business card draw and you could win a 4-hour cruise valued at $3,000, with soft drinks and snacks, for 10 people on this yacht.

Buy a block of 20 seats and you will get:
A token of appreciation from Glen
A photo session with Glen and the cast members.
If your company buys blocks of 10 or 20 seats, we’ll put your company’s logo on our webpage and other material.

Get all the sponsorship details here.
Event details:
Date: Thursday 15th October
Venue: GV Grand 6, Great World City
(Cocktail reception at the Garden Terrace)
Time: 7.30pm

Price: Tickets are $50 each (Tax deductible)
Book your seats now – send email to [email protected] or call Rina at 6779-7137

Taking Woodstock Fundraising Gala Premiere, Sep 30 (Singapore)
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Written by sayoni   
Sunday, 20 September 2009 01:22



Date: Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Time: 21:00 – 23:00

Location: Shaw Lido 1 (Shaw Centre, Scotts Road)

Fridae presents the Taking Woodstock Fundraising Gala Premiere in Singapore on Sep 30. 100% of ticket sales will go towards funding gay-related community projects.

Directed by Academy Award-winning director Ang Lee (who brought us what were to become gay classics The Wedding Banquet and Brokeback Mountain), Taking Woodstock is based on the memoirs of a young gay man Elliot Tiber (Demetri Martin). Tiber, then a struggling young interior designer in New York City, had recently returned to his parents’ rundown motel in the Catskill Mountains when he heard that a planned concert had lost its permit from the neighbouring town of Wallkill. He then called producer Michael Lang (Jonathan Groff) at Woodstock Ventures providing a much-needed performance permit and offering his motel as the production headquarters.

The 1969 Woodstock Music and Arts Festival, which attracted 500,000 people, turned out to be one of the most iconic events of the hippie generation and is today widely regarded to be one of the greatest and most pivotal moments in popular music history.

100% of ticketing proceeds will go towards funding gay-related community projects.

Since 2005, Fridae has organised six movie-fundraisers raising over S$60,000 in benefit of a variety of NGOs including Action for AIDS, AWARE, Cat Welfare Society; two independent short films by Boo Junfeng and Loo Zihan; and Indignation – which Fridae has financially and in other ways supported since it was first held in 2005. Pink Dot, the first-ever official LGBT public gathering held in May 2009 in Singapore, was also a beneficiary of Fridae’s Milk Fundraising Gala Premiere held earlier this year.

Date: 30 Sep 2009 (Wednesday)
Time: 8 pm (Reception for VIPs from 7 pm)
Venue: Shaw Lido 1 (Shaw Centre, Scotts Road)
Tickets: USS$7 (Zuji Promotion) / US$10 (Standard) / S$50 (VIP*)
* VIP Tickets include goodie bags, pre-show reception and premium seats.

Ticketing and more info:

Sign the petition: Say No To Rape
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Written by sayoni   
Tuesday, 07 July 2009 01:29



The No To Rape campaign advocates one simple idea: sexual violence by any person, against any person, is criminal violence. Consequently, non-consensual sexual penetration, regardless of whether the victim and perpetrator are married to each other, should be treated as rape.

The online petition is coordinated by a team of concerned Singaporeans who have come together for the single purpose of promoting change on this issue. The team is not a formal organisation and its members have no shared agenda beyond addressing sexual violence.

Sayoni on New Media
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Written by sayoni   
Sunday, 05 July 2009 01:31

Yes, at Sayoni, we do move with the times and the all the newfangled technology on the interwebs (it is a system of tubes after all).

Find us on Twitter, at, and on Facebook, at There might be other people named “sayoni” or� a derivative thereof, on these social networking sites, but please note that we are not connected to them. Only these two accounts are our authenticated accounts on Twitter and Facebook respectively. If you come across a named account on another website which you are not sure is connected to us, feel free to drop us an email for verification, at [email protected]

Breaking News: AWARE EOGM Results – Old Guard Returned (Singapore)
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Written by sayoni   
Saturday, 02 May 2009 01:33

Today was a day to be marked down in history, as the day that Singaporeans realised they are indeed in control of their destiny, as the day they decided to take ownership in NGOs, as the day they stood up against the tide of intolerance and stood up for equal rights and inclusiveness. After a much-prolonged, 7-hour extraordinary general meeting (not counting waiting time), the old guard of Association of Women for Action and Research (AWARE) were returned to power, ousting the new exco who had all but taken AWARE’s leadership by force.

The meeting was stormy, emotional and inspiring. Many women and men stood up to speak up for the old aware and against the injustices perpetrated in the short term of the “new” exco. Many shocking things were revealed – such as the exco spending about S$90k since they took office (when only authorised to spend S$20k). The depth of their ignorance about what AWARE really did and stood for was revealed, as well as their inability to effectively lead. At the end of the long meeting, the no-confidence motion was passed by a margin of 2-1 – 1414 votes for yes, and 716 for no, and after an extended discussion, the exco finally decided to step down. The general meeting then proceeded to elect back the old guard into power – starting with Dana Lam as the president and Chew I-Jin as the Vice-President.

What was the most touching to us was the number of people – men, women, fathers, mothers,� teachers, students, christians, muslims… who all stood up and spoke up for inclusiveness, the importance of having a queer-neutral sexuality education program, and why AWARE should help queer women in need.

Sayoni would like to join in congratulating AWARE on its historic victory. This is not just a victory for womenm or even queer women, but for civil society in years to come. For extended reports on the events and commentary, stay tuned!

One Cause For All Women
Articles - Announcements
Wednesday, 29 April 2009 01:34


Help save AWARE.� Vote out the new exco.

Dana Lam’s interview to save AWARE

Update : New Venue for the EGM
Suntec Exhibition Hall 402!

Don’t go to the wrong place!�� The venue in the video clips are outdated.

Save AWARE! Gender equality for all! – Petition
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Written by sayoni   
Thursday, 23 April 2009 01:36

Save AWARE! Gender equality for all! – Petition

As Singaporeans overseas we are very concerned about the take-over of the Association of Women for Action and Research (AWARE) on 28 March 2009 by a group of people, whose values are opposed to what AWARE stands for. For nearly 25 years, AWARE has worked to advance gender equality for all women in Singapore, regardless of race, religion, or sexuality. Through its many contributions, AWARE has significantly enhanced women�s capacity to make informed choices over their bodies and their lives.

We support the Save AWARE Campaign ( on the following grounds:

1. Media reports indicate that the newcomers, now on AWARE�s new Executive Committee, are, at best, ignorant of AWARE�s mission and, at worst, ideologically opposed to this.

2. There are clear indications from media reports that the take-over was by a group with affiliations to known fundamentalist organisations � notably, Church of Our Saviour and Focus on the Family (as well as possibly Liberty League and Exodus International). As reported in the Straits Times (18 April 2009), six of the eleven current Ex-Co members attend the Church of Our Saviour, which has publicly stated its position on women�s role and status. In the document �God�s Order for the Family�, posted as a resource on the Church�s website , it is openly stated that �the wife is in subjection to her husband� and �women [are] to continually deny themselves and yield the rule to men�. This document states: �feminist movements�are not according to God’s order�. Rather, �His will for a young women is to do four things: (1) marry, (2) bear children, (3) guide the house, (4) not be a reproach to her husband.� It is highly unlikely, to say the least, that members of a church promoting such values would champion gender equality for all women in all spheres of life. Rather, it is more likely that this fundamentalist group would engage in an exercise of defining who qualifies as a �woman� and who does not. If so, this would be diametrically opposed to AWARE�s inclusion of all women as having the right to gender equality, be they gay or straight, married or unmarried, mothers or not, employed or not, Christian or not.

3. Various blog writers have pointed out that this hostile take-over is a warning sign of fundamentalist ambitions that may extend far beyond AWARE. The question has been raised several times why fundamentalists have been motivated to take over a secular organisation like AWARE. Is it to �confuse others into believing that these agendas are supported by an organisation which is concerned with women�s best interests from a feminist and humanist point of view, rather than a Christian fundamentalist point of view�? ( Is this the thin end of a wedge that may subsequently affect other secular civic organizations and perhaps even beyond?

4. The new Ex-Co has not communicated with the rank and file membership of AWARE, despite the public controversy that has broken out, leaving members to learn about AWARE from media reports. It has sacked all the current heads of the AWARE sub-committees, including the summary dismissal of Braema Mathi, Chairperson of AWARE�s CEDAW Committee. (CEDAW is the UN Convention for the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women.) It has refused to disclose specific plans, despite repeated questioning by journalists. The recently elected President, Claire Nazar, resigned after 11 days, because of what she described as the new Ex-Co�s �Stormtrooper tactics� (The Straits Times, 19 April 2009). All these acts and omissions are symptomatic of the duplicity and disingenuousness that underlie this take-over by stealth.

5. This was confirmed in the recent letter to AWARE members written by the Immediate Past President, Constance Singam, who noted that �although the team [the new Ex-Co] had publicly said that they would honour Aware�s founders and build on the good work of past members, their private behaviour suggested otherwise.� �In private meetings, the exco showed a complete lack of respect for me, ignoring my advice and keeping me out of an exco meeting when I had the right to be there, as stated in the Constitution,� she wrote (The Straits Times 19 April 2009).

We, the undersigned, support the Save AWARE Campaign as a collective endeavour to reclaim AWARE as a vehicle to advance women�s rights to gender equality and individual choices.

We call on the fundamentalist group who have taken over to respect AWARE�s vision of �gender equality for all� and its mission �to identify areas for improvement in gender equality, encourage positive change; and support women in realizing their highest potential.� As reported by The Straits Times (10 April 2009), when this new group was asked at the recent Annual General Meeting if they believe in equality, �they kept repeating they were there to support women and to make sure they got ahead and got all the opportunities given to them.� We call on this group to quit AWARE as soon as possible, if they cannot uphold its foundational vision and mission.

We call on all Singaporeans and permanent residents concerned with the continuing existence of a secular civil society in Singapore to support the Save AWARE Campaign.

(Note: Signatories should be Singaporean citizens and permanent residents, of any gender. Please provide your name as stated in your NRIC with your NRIC number and your current country of residence.)

Save AWARE! Gender equality for all! – Petition

Sayoni Queer Women Survey 2008 Report (Singapore)
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Written by sayoni   
Monday, 03 November 2008 01:39


Sayoni proudly presents Sayoni Queer Women Survey 2008 Report (Singapore) – administered on lesbian, queer, bisexual and transgendered women living in Singapore.



1.To gain some perspective on the actual needs of queer women, and what we can do about them

2.To provide free and accessible information to researchers, and act as a starting point for further research into the field

3.To ameliorate the dire lack of information on queer women in Singapore. Currently, there is no proper understanding of how the women�s queer community functions, other than biased and disjointed personal views.

The survey is broken down into five main aspects. Questions in each category are stream-lined and standardised for easy answering, by presenting most of the questions as rating questions where possible.

1. Introduction

General background.

2. Family, Friends and Work

Questions on how out the respondent is in their various social circles, how this group has reacted to the information, and the respondent�s intention to come out to that particular group.

3. Personal

Questions on a personal level relating to sexual orientation. Probes how the respondents come to realise their sexuality, different aspects of personal identity, and how their sexuality has affected them. Also includes information on relationships of respondents.

4. Financial

Questions to ascertain the financial status of queer women as a community – on income, occupation and industry, housing and car ownership.

5. Feedback on Sayoni and the community

Take note that the answers to these questions with the exception of two, are not presented in this report as they are meant for internal feedback.

This survey was not carried out with a null hypothesis in mind, and much of the information contained in this report is� processed descriptive statistics. Where possible, averages and trends have been pre-computed, and presented along with a broad analysis of the data. This� year, the data is presented in a much more visual format, as opposed to raw numbers in the
pilot run of 2006.

In the report of 2006, the data was broken down across Age, Ethnicity and Religion, as it is believed that these three different aspects affect the average queer woman in her views and social situation with respect to her sexuality. This year, due to the significant changes in methodology and presentation, we have decided to omit the comparison by Ethnicity and� Religion, as the representation for minority ethnic groups is not high enough to allow accurate comparisons.

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