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Reminder: Sayoni Writing Contest
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Written by Indu   
Monday, 11 February 2008 02:27

Please be reminded that the deadline for the writing contest for the month of February is 11:59 PM, 13th February. Late entries will be only be given secondary consideration.

Send your article in to [email protected] before the deadline!

Writing Contest!
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Written by sayoni   
Tuesday, 22 January 2008 02:28

Sayoni is holding a writing contest from now till the 13th of February. The one with the best entry walks away with $50 in cash or vouchers, and bragging rights.

Theme: Beginnings

Here’s what you need to do:

Pen a queer-related story/article and send your story to [email protected] by 13th February 2008. Include a secondary email contact, the username you would like to be known by, and a short line about yourself.

The top few entries will be published on Sayoni’s blog and the winner will be notified by email by end February, and announced on the blog.

Please submit original material that have not been published elsewhere (including personal blogs).

All women are welcomed.

Sayoni Queer Women Survey 2006 Report
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Written by sayoni   
Monday, 22 January 2007 02:37

Sayoni proudly presents Sayoni Queer Women Survey 2006 Report, compiling the results of this year’s survey.



1. To ameliorate the dire lack of information on queer women in Singapore. Currently, there is no proper understanding of how the women�s queer community functions, other than biased and disjoint personal views.

2. To gain some perspective on the actual needs of queer women, and what we can do about them

3. To provide free and accessible information to researchers, and act as a starting point for further research into the field
The survey is broken down into four main aspects. Questions in each category are streamlined and standardised for easy answering, by presenting most of the questions as rating questions where possible.

1. Introduction
General background.

2. Family, Friends and Work
Questions on how out the respondent is to various circles of people in their lives, how this group has reacted to the information, and the respondent�s intention to come out to that particular group.

3. Personal
Questions on the personal level relating to sexual orientation. Probes how the respondents come to realise their sexuality, different aspects of personal identity, and how their sexuality has affected them. Also includes information on relationships of respondents.

4. Financial
Questions to ascertain the financial status of queer women as a community – on salary, type of industry respondents choose to work in, housing and car ownership.

This survey was not carried out with a null hypothesis in mind, and much of the information contained in this report is processed descriptive statistics. Where possible, averages and trends have been pre-computed, presented along with a broad analysis of the data.

The statistics available are broken down across Age, Ethnicity and Religion, as it is believed that these three different aspects affect the average queer woman in her views and social situation with respect to her sexuality. Where either age, ethnicity or religion is perceived to have no bearing on the response, the data has been left out.

This report is available for free download for the public. However, a lot of effort and time has been put into conducting this survey and collating the results into this report. If you feel we have done a good job, please donate through the Paypal link below the Paypal button. All donations will only be used for the running of this organisation


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The First Annual TLL Best Lesbian Blog of 2006
Articles - Announcements
Written by sayoni   
Sunday, 07 January 2007 00:00

TLL, an online site made up of over 50 amazing blogs and authors from all around the world is hosting the first annual Lesbian Blog of the Year Award.

Quite unexpectedly, we have been nominated yet again. Thank you and we hope to continue to serve the community and demonstrate the good qualities you saw in us.

If you think / love / like / lust / craze / addicted / routine / read / this blog, please go here to vote for us!

Do check out TTL’s excellent site and the other nominees as well.

Launch of SAFE (Singapore)
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Saturday, 30 December 2006 02:43

Finally the long awaited launch of SAFE (Supporting, Affirming and Empowering our LGBTQ friends and family) on 9th December 2006, at PPC’s Community Fair in Mox Bar. We went, we celebrated the new birth of courage and hope, this time round for those dear to our hearts. Our friends and family.

With SAFE’s mission to

form a network of support, affirmation and empowerment for families and friends of LGBTQ persons by providing information and resources and encouraging dialogue that promotes respect for human diversity and the well-being of all lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning persons,

this will be another important milestone in our community.

Do check out their website and pass the message around.

Closing of Sayoni Queer Women Survey 2006
Articles - Announcements
Written by sayoni   
Wednesday, 04 October 2006 02:45

The Sayoni Queer Women Survey 2006 has been closed to the public. We thank each and every single person who graciously spent their time doing this survey, and all the groups and individuals who helped promote this survey to the public.

The results of this survey will be out in a complete report in some time. Please be patient as we analyse the results. The report will be available for free download on this blog, so please check back for updates.

Asia Blog Awards
Articles - Announcements
Written by sayoni   
Tuesday, 26 September 2006 02:49


Yes, it is that time of the year again. The time of the year where you size up your favourite blogs and vote for them.

Quite unexpectedly, we have been nominated for the Best GLBT Blog category. We sincerely thank the anonymous party who did so, and hope we can continue to demonstrate the good qualities you saw in us to nominate us.

If you think we are worthy of this title, please go here to vote for us!

Do check out the other nominees in the category as well.

PPC’s Event in August: Massage Workshop for Couples, Friends and Family Members!
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Saturday, 19 August 2006 02:51

Pelangi Pride Centre’s Event in August:
Massage Workshop for Couples, Friends and Family Members!
Exclusively at PPC, 21 Tanjong Pagar Road, #04-01
19 August 2006, 4-8pm

Your Facilitators: Sheung and Eileena

Massage is a wonderful way to bond with your loved ones. Couples, friends, and family members all benefit from the gift of touch! Learn the proper skills to give a good and safe massage and get the opportunity to nurture each other and alleviate complaints of pain.

During the session, part of the workshop will be spent learning massage techniques whilst the other will be spent receiving a massage! The workshop will also include a time for refreshments as well as a time to mingle or perhaps a chance to fine-tune your newly learnt skills!

Cost per person: $6 (which includes 2 soft drinks and finger food).
To sign up, please email [email protected] to RSVP with your name, contact number, the name/s of your guests.
[contact @ pelangipridecentre dot org]

Sayoni Queer Women Survey 2006
Articles - Announcements
Written by sayoni   
Saturday, 05 August 2006 02:52

Sayoni is proud to present the first ever Sayoni Queer Women Survey, 2006. This survey is aimed at lesbian/bisexual/queer women living in Singapore, to gather essential information about the community, in terms of…

1. Age, racial and religious composition

2. Educational and career background, and financial status

3. Social framework, in relation to their sexual orientation

4. Personal/Emotional status, in relation to their sexual orientation

We appeal to you to take this survey, if you happen to belong to the target group. Just five minutes of your time can help us learn how to better help you and the community as a whole, as well as serve as a record of progress throughout the years.

All information, once collected and analysed, will be made publicly available.

Please be reassured that this survey is completely anonymous. Individual responses will not be revealed, and will not be traceable to the individual user.

Please help spread the word around, to your queer female friends. We aim to capture people from all social strata in this survey.

Sayoni Queer Women Survey 2006

An invitation from Utopia-Asia
Articles - Announcements
Monday, 31 July 2006 02:54

Eleven months ago Utopia launched its publication division. Since then we’ve published 6 guidebooks under the Utopia banner: the Utopia Guide to China; to Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar & Vietnam; to Thailand; to Singapore, Malaysia & Indonesia; to Japan, South Korea & Taiwan, and to Asia (16 countries). See for more info.

As companions to our 6 guidebooks we want to publish additional volumes under the Utopia banner and would like to invite artists and authors to contribute to the first of these, a collection of short works (10-50 pages would be ideal) by gays and lesbians exploring destinations in Asia. Works should not be extremely “time-sensitive” as the intention is to continue selling this book for years to come.

You may select any location within the region, and any subject you wish to focus on. Essays or stories that touch on gay/lesbian-related subjects will be given priority in the final selection. In addition to non-fiction, works of fiction or poetry are also welcome. Photographs are as well, although these will appear only in black and white.

Content may be erotic but must not be pornographic. Authors retain all rights. Utopia retains the right to edit works as needed. Works should be proofed and spell-checked and submitted in plain text format or Word format.

The book will be distributed by Ingram, the largest distributor in the US. The books will be available in electronic form and will also be available in printed form from major online resellers around the world.

Please contact us for details if you are interested in participating. There will be a fee paid to those selected for publication.

Feel free to submit more than one piece. We are also looking to publish complete works under the Utopia banner, so if you have an Asia-themed novel or other gay/lesbian-Asia related project sitting around gathering dust, please let us know.

We look forward to your participation!

Contact: Utopia, [email protected]

Articles - Announcements
Written by sayoni   
Wednesday, 28 June 2006 02:50

Queer Singaporean youth launch a portal for themselves.

A group of young queer Singaporeans have come together to start a youth portal establishing itself as a resource for their peers.

Led by 20-year-old polytechnic graduate Azimin Saini, the group comprises 9 youths with different racial backgrounds and sexual orientations.

�There really are no resources to deal with gay youth in Singapore, even till today.� He said. �And we�re often the ones who are crying out for help and need it most.�

The website can be seen at

The name PLUME stands for People Like You and Me, an amalgamation of the acronym, PLU (People Like Us), which has incidentally become widely used to describe gay people in Singapore, and Senior Minister Goh�s widely quoted phrase that gay people are just like �you and me�.


The logo centers on a youth�s sense of individuality with the circle ringed around ME in PLUME. It also means �feather�; the jagged wings symbolise the act of taking flight � to discover the unlimited potential as young people and to be free from the mental constraints society imposes based on sexual and/or gender identity.
�In our conservative society and in most circles, the word ‘queer’ is considered a taboo that is left unspoken. Many pretend that we, as young queer Singaporeans don’t exist and shrug it off�, said 19-year-old Cher Tan, an Editor on PLUME.

Many others feel that they are, too, being ignored.

�Coming out was difficult. I grappled my way around and it was really lonely. I see all these well-adjusted gay adults � but what about us? Have they forgotten what it was like?� asked 20-year-old NS-man, Victor Raj.

A simple survey of 26 youths ranging from the ages of 18 to 21 across the gender and sexual orientation spectrum revealed that all 26 felt there were not enough resources to deal with being young and queer. While it was not meant to be a comprehensive study, the sampling was indicative of the general sentiment among this segment of the population.

PLUME hopes to be a platform for LGBT youth to express themselves through writing, foster the growth of an LGBT youth community in Singapore, and in doing so, provide support and resources for queer youth. Operating like a publication, it will publish articles and reader-submitted stories

�We�re hoping that this project will help in any small ways it can�, said Jasper Chen, another Editor on the team. �And hopefully, it will ease the pain young gay individuals face at that tough period of time.�

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