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Written by sayoni   
Wednesday, 31 May 2006 02:55

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Ooga Chaga Women (Singapore)
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Tuesday, 09 May 2006 02:56

We are a women�s support group for lesbian and bisexual women who meet in a safe space for face to face discussions to share, connect and support one another.
This is a support group for women who seek to come to terms with their sexual identity and who want to achieve a healthy integration of their sexual identity into their lives. The support group sessions aims at developing awareness in the self, relationships, community and resources available.

The OC Women�s support group is back for its second run !

What The Sessions Are About

The sessions, like those from the first run is titled �Finding The Me Within.� The aim of these sessions is for you the participant, to engage in a process of self discovery and understanding through the sharing of views and what you take away from each of your life experience. You will also be listening to what the other women participants have to share. In the sessions, we shall be focussing on each of your experiences in coming out, relationships with partners, family and work. We shall also be touching on how the law affects us and benefits us, sexual health and the different resources and assistance available.

As was intended with the first group, when the 10 sessions are over, you and the other women participants from this group can form an informal support group to continue being a source of support for each other.

What It Takes

Commitment in time, commitment to have an open mind, commitment to play it fully.
For many of you, this will be the first time being in a support group. How much you gain from it correlates directly with how much of yourself you allow to give.


Run 2 starts in June 2006 with 10 sessions carried out on 2 Saturdays each month, starting in June 2006 and finishing in October 2006

Group Size

Strictly no more than 12 women.
If you have what it takes and are interested in joining us, indicate via email to [email protected] no later than 20th of May 2006. If you wish to know more about Oogachaga, visit us at

Voices of past participants :

�I have opened my eyes to important issues happening to women that need to be addressed. The experiences and knowledge that I�ve gained from OC Women are truly inspiring and empowering. I hope many others will get a chance to experience the support and comfort that OC Women has given me.�

�OC Women support group has been effective in providing a safe and non-judging environment for its participants to discuss issues of the heart and mind. I discovered that even though each of our lives is unique, the challenges and gifts we face are varied and yet similar. Learning about the life paths and choices of some the participants has been humbling. If you push your limits and play it 100%, the group sessions will more often than not surpass your expectations.�

�What has probably proven life-changing for me is the mere act of having participated in these discussions and the various social activities. That was a very practical way of learning to acknowledge my sexuality in the larger context of the life I lead. I feel that I have taken an irrevocable step. It is in some ways like climbing up and out of a cellar and
finding (to one�s delight) that the steps leading back down have crumbled to dust; there is no way back down�

�The group became a playground where I could just be my fun-loving self with a group of buddies who, just like me have their own share of hang-ups and idiosyncrasies. It was good to laugh at myself and at one another. The way we united in our diversity was amazing. Sharing one�s experiences was good for my spirit and bonded us in friendship�.

A thank you message from Pelangi Pride Centre (Singapore)
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Tuesday, 09 May 2006 00:00

A big THANK YOU to everyone who made our official (re)launch of Pelangi Pride Centre at Mox Bar & Cafe on Saturday 6th May such a hit!

More than 200 people turned up and the place was packed all the way from 4pm to 8pm. Especially popular: the community fair, where different non-profit gay and lesbian community groups set up booths to promote their organisations, activities and issues. Guests also enjoyed soulful performances by Cyril Wong on the piano and Wendy Siew on the guitar.

The mood was relaxed and sociable, as people caught up with old faces and made new friends. Everyone lingered on, partly thanks to the delicious custard puffs and other snacks, as well as the free flow of soft drinks, courtesy of Mox Bar & Cafe. The evening ended with the lucky draw, featuring prizes from

On behalf of Pelangi Pride Centre, and the community at large, we want to say a great big thank you to:

* Mox Bar & Cafe – for hosting PPC and for sponsoring our lovely bookshelves. Thanks especially to Mok, as well as Bernice & John for all your efforts

* – for sponsoring the fabulous prizes

* Free Community Church – for your generous donation

* Cyril Wong & Wendy Siew for sharing your music with us.

* Community groups – for making this first ever GLBT community fair a reality, and for the space to publicise PPC on your mailing lists

* Our fellow volunteers – from librarians to those who helped with transport, storage, web-mastering, poster design, photography, booth manning and organisation

* Launch party guests – for your interest and support: you made this a great community success

* Our supporters in cyberspace and around the world – your moral support helped keep our spirits up while we were in-between homes

* Last but not least: Hisham – for making this all happen, by putting us in touch with Mox when we left our old home

Hope to see you at Mox, every Sat 4pm to 8pm

Charmaine, Dinesh and Eileena

Photos of PPCLaunch Party & Community Fair

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PPC Launch @ Mox
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Written by sayoni   
Saturday, 06 May 2006 02:58

Come down to Mox from 4-8pm for the launch party of PPC!

Promote Sayoni
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Written by sayoni   
Monday, 01 May 2006 02:59

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Even if you don’t have a blog, please tell all your friends about us!

Press Release: 1st Gay and Lesbian Guide to Singapore, Malaysia & Indonesia
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Written by sayoni   
Monday, 24 April 2006 03:01

Utopia Guide to Singapore, Malaysia & Indonesia : the Gay and Lesbian Scene in 60+ Cities Including Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Johor Bahru and the Islands of Bali and Penang

SINGAPORE, April 21 2006: Which country is home to Asia’s fastest growing openly homosexual sub-culture? Would you believe tiny Singapore? With more than 30 openly gay businesses in the tourist-friendly Chinatown neighborhood alone, Singaporean
entrepreneurs are feeling free enough to fuel a huge boom in the city-state’s pink economy.

But which country do gay Singaporean’s think has the hottest scene going? They point to their neighbor, Malaysia. Indeed, though still largely underground, Malaysia’s gays and lesbians have a steadily growing number of restaurants, clubs, spas and gyms that
openly welcome them and world-class venues are popping up in even small cities like Penang and Kota Kinabalu.

Singapore’s other neighbor, Indonesia, while commonly known as having the world’s largest Muslim population, also has some of Asia’s longest-running homosexual activist groups and a wide variety of traditional alternative sexualities that are an integral part of Indonesia’s cultural mosaic.

The Utopia Guide to Singapore, Malaysia & Indonesia reveals for the first time in print the fascinating and variegated queer lifestyle of these countries in one hefty volume filled with a surprising wealth of information. Listed within are contact details for organizations and businesses that are popular with both local and visiting homosexuals, including accommodation, bars, discos, spas, and restaurants. A special section of the book highlights groups, clubs, and spaces that are especially welcoming for women. Hundreds
of tips and warnings from locals and visitors provide first hand insights for both frequent visitors and armchair explorers.

Commenting on the surprising abundance of gay life in a very conservative region, Singaporean gay activist, Alex Au, writes in the book’s preface, “The reason for this contradiction may be because, despite the political or religious rhetoric, at the social level, the people of these countries are tolerant and hospitable.”

Indonesia’s first gay pride celebration took place in Surabaya, on June 25, 1999. Singapore’s first public festival, Indignation, took place during the month of Aug in 2005 and is set to repeat this year with expanded activities and a higher profile.

But despite growing advances in personal freedoms, activists in all three countries continue to encounter official obstacles. In 2006 Singapore government officials awarded a large grant of public money to a homophobic Christian group that attempts to straighten out gays. In March this year Kuala Lumpur police tried to crack down on businesses that cater to gay customers by fining owners for petty license violations, bringing criticism from local AIDS/HIV educators.

The Utopia Guide to Singapore, Malaysia & Indonesia provides a remarkable insider’s glimpse at the vibrant, everyday life enjoyed by gays and lesbians in Southeast Asia.

The book is available for sale now in printed and electronic form at and will also be available in bookstores internationally and from popular online book resellers in May.

A pioneer on the Internet, Utopia has been Asia’s most popular resource for gays and lesbians since 1994. Utopia’s website is located at and more information about Utopia may be found at

“These fun pages dish out the spice on even the most buttoned-up spots in Asia.” — TIME Magazine TIME Traveler

“A really good place to start looking for information… excellent coverage of gay and lesbian events and activities across Asia.” — Lonely Planet

For more information please contact: [email protected]


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Calling for contributors…
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Saturday, 22 April 2006 03:03

Do you have something to�say about the lesbian community?

Want to submit an article of your own?

Have a really good idea and an explosive opinion or just about you and yourself?

We welcome queer women from any country, in any shapes and sizes, pink or blue,�so come share�your experiences!

� Email us now!��With your article at [email protected] and your desired alias and whatever author details.

*Please remember to cite your sources if you have any. Please note that�we will try our very pretty best to publish all articles but not every one of them�will have a chance to go through.� Just try again!

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Sayoni…A new beginning
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Monday, 06 February 2006 03:05

Nearly 10 years ago while I was searching for my community I sat in front of the computer chatting via irc with a bunch of new-found friends happy with the compatriot ship that was unavailable for LGBT people in an oppressive environment.� Those were the days when the internet was fast becoming a haven for people like us desperately seeking a way out of the closet.� We conversed in a room named #lesbiancafe that has since closed down.

I will never forget this particular conversation we had with one another about how the room #lesbiancafe is meant for lesbians, a safe place for the queer ladies.� One of our friends, a transgender FTM, asked us if she will still be welcomed after her surgery which will see her transition not only physically but legally into a man. We were a little stumped, not quite sure where to place the rules on our dear friend who is going to be outside the boundary markers one day.

We were very young then but we knew in our hearts that she was our friend and she must be embraced and welcomed anyway.� Rules, regulations, fairness and thoughts of being politically correct/incorrect were not on the top of our list.

That was my first lesson into diversity and empathy.� To know that the community and the world were larger than #lesbiancafe and because we know what it means to be excluded, we need to expand our gates into the horizon so that we can embrace the stranger.

Fast forward to now, I�m constantly amazed and challenged by the intelligence and sheer determination of the Sayoni women.� We spend countless hours debating, fighting, agreeing and poring over complex strategic and sometimes emotional issues that come with activism.� With our sheer diversity, we learn every step of the way the meaning of respect and family and we imagine a future for our community and seek to create it so that the others will live in it.

Today, we�re proud to announce the official launch of Sayoni, a Singapore-based platform for lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer Asian women.

We hope to shape and hand over the tools to women so that they can carve out their voices.� In our long and fruitful journey together we aspire to become a part of the larger reality, nurture a connectedness with the world, and search for who we really are deep down inside, our wells of affirmation and strength that were passed down to us by our mothers.

Through the platform of a publishing site and a forum, we trust the power of words in sharing, in dialogue and disagreements that will propel forward the unfolding of our thought process and the essence of our very being.

Our name, Sayoni, signifies the origin of life, myth, womanhood, feminism and sexuality. A new beginning and we welcome you to be part of the Sayoni family.

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