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Here are what some of our happy campers have said about the previous Sayoni Camps!


Sayoni Summer Camp 2009 | Sayoni Summer Camp 2010


"Thank you for everyone at the camp who made it remotely possible and wicked fun and NOT forgetting educational! What else but AWESOME!!!"


"I did take something away from the camp. Something positive, chief among which is AWARENESS. Of the community, of the commitment of those who work so hard to make life and/or transition a little easier, of the quality of leadership and the quality of the people who are a part of our lives whether wittingly or unwittingly – TOP NOTCH, OUTSTANDING WOMEN. I have never before in my life, been surrounded by so many wonderful women, on an island no less. Thank you for that experience."


"I personally had a blast and am honoured to be in your midst!"


"As quickly as ‘team’ surfaced from the diversity, the spirit of ‘family’ soon emerged by the 2nd day of the camp. You could say we played our way into each other’s hearts. Water polo matches, meal times, BBQ dinner, late-night symposiums and even on the ferry back, these were all dear moments of playful fun, hearty laughter, good conversations, and explicit sharings. We found ourselves to be different yet so similar in our struggles, challenges, discrimination, hopes and dreams."
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"WOW - WHAT a wild ride!! The camp ROCKED - the organizers ROCKED, my roommate ROCKED, the facilitators ROCKED and everyone who went positively ROCKED!!!!!! SO glad I went!!! THANK YOU all!!!"


"Best thing abt ssc09 is of course the most incredible organizers I've met! And i did learnt more abt myself and those around me. I also loved the sharing sessions because that would definitely help others if not yourself too. I am happy that I am better equipped with knowledge and friends who CAN be really open abt their experiences."

Here are what some of our happy campers have said about the previous Sayoni Summer Camps!


Sayoni Summer Camp 2009 | Sayoni Summer Camp 2010


"SSC10 was a space where I could be myself and let my defences down. The environment in SSC10 was welcoming, secure, safe and open. I came to SSC10 with a vague idea of what to expect; I only knew I would make new friends and that it would be a good experience. And I'm so glad I've gained all that and so much more.

SSC10 coincided with a time in my life where I was feeling out of touch with myself, but through it I had the chance to explore my feelings with the support and encouragement of my fellow campers. I also learnt from their stories being shared and am thankful and feel blessed by their honesty and openness. After SSC10 I feel more centred within myself and feel stronger to face the world out there!"



"The best thing about SSC10 was me succeeding in sharing my joys of SSC with my best friend. What is the best experience in the world if you do not have people that matter to you partaking in what makes you happy! It was with this thought and the wish that my best friend would also benefit from this camp as I have in SSC09 that I decided to convince my best friend in taking a vacation retreat with me and the rest of the Sayoni girls.

Although SSC10 had a very different feel from SSC09 in terms of venue, people and vibes but what did not change was the fact that again, I came away from the camp feeling refreshed, and rejuvenated and with renewed knowledge about myself. I have to say that the weekend was well spent and if i could have my way, I would wish that all of us could attend various different camps all year long as forms of therapeutic retreats in this stressful and fast paced environment, especially as a modern queer woman!"



"As I am an SSC virgin, I was very excited and really looking forward to camp. The 3 days were awesome and didn't disappoint. The organisers did a great job from herding all of us at the airport to ensuring that everyone was well looked after. The 3 days at camp were filled with activities with enough leisure time to pursue individual interests. The ladies that attended were all fantastic, friendly and accomplished women. Good friends were definitely made over the weekend. The workshops were powerful and helped the women get to know themselves and each other a little better. The open sharing environment really helped the campers bond and the number of campers was optimal for this close bonding as it allowed the women to really share and understand each others' stories.

The best thing about SSC 10 was the good friends that were made and the stories that were exchanged.  I look forward to SSC 11.  Let's keep up the tradition!"



"I went there for the surf, the sand and the fun. I did  have all that, but what I did not expect to find was a deeper and better understanding of my already existing friends, not to mention the new friends I was making.

The trip was a welcome relief from my very hectic life. Indeed, until I stepped in there, I didn't realise how much weight I was carrying on my shoulders and how hectic my life was. I got to spend three days talking to many awesome women and exploring my own psyche."



Would you like to learn and grow over a 3D2N getaway in the company of interesting women? Play games in a glittering pool? Or wake up to delicious breakfasts with newfound friends? At our camp, you can have all this and more.

Sayoni Camp is a 3-day/2-night self-development getaway exclusively for queer women in or around Singapore. We will be having our fourth run from 6-8 August 2016.

We aim to provide a fun-filled and meaningful experience for all campers. Our goal is to promote self-development and growth, with a focus on encouraging campers' self-exploration and understanding of their relationship with the world around them.

Our last Sayoni Camp was successfully held in 2016. Thank you to all participants, facilitators and volunteers for making it a fantastic experience!

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See what our previous campers had to say
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For more information, email us at
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Here are the questions you always wanted to ask

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We thank the following for supporting Sayoni Summer Camp '10.

The Two Queens Party

tqp logo_s

Established in 2000, The Two Queens Party is a whole new lifestyle concept for women. It was initiated by the modern woman, for the modern woman.
Our private organization serves two main purposes: To establish a community hub especially for women in our region; and to provide a quality lifestyle and privileges for our members.
Nine years old now and still going strong, the Two Queens Party has since grown to become a weekly party, every Thursday at PLAY and the last Sunday of the month at StereoLab.
If you are interested in supporting us through this great adventure, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
This is where we try to answer all your questions. Read the FAQ first. If you have a query that can't be found here, you're welcome to email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

















1. What is this camp about?

This is a workshop-focused camp. The programme is tailored towards self development. It is a camp where individual uniqueness is celebrated and group strength fostered.

To maximise gains, come to the camp well-rested. Look forward to a rewarding and activity-filled 3D2N.


2. When is the camp?

6–8 August 2016.


3. Where is the venue?

At an overseas hotel. The exact venue is secret to protect the safety and privacy of our participants.


4. What is the accommodation like?

Our camp will be held at an actual hotel, so no worries about camping or roughing it out!


5. How much does the camp cost?

Prices are divided into 3 categories:
Twin Room - 2 single beds
Double Room
Single Room
Please see our Rates page for the full details.

6. Who will be conducting the workshops and who runs the camp?

The workshops are conducted by experienced professionals. The camp organising committee is made up entirely of unpaid Sayoni volunteers.


7. Can I pick my roommate?

If you are going to the camp in a pair, you are allowed to share the room with your friend or partner. If you are going to the camp alone, we will assign your roommate.


8. What if my roommate turns out to be evil?

Please inform the organisers and we will try to help you out. No, seriously, we will intervene where needed to make sure everyone is comfortable and safe.


9. What if I see my ex there?

Let us know and we will try to arrange something so that your stay at the camp won't be a complete nightmare.


10. Can I bring my pet?

No pets are allowed.


11. Can I get a refund?

There will be no refunds given if you decide not to join the event.


12. If I can't go for the camp, can I pass the ticket to my girlfriend's friend's ex's friend?

Yes you can, with an additional SGD 75 administrative fee.


13. Can I be excused from some of the activities?

Unless you have a valid medical reason for not being able to participate in the activities, everyone is encouraged to do so. After all, that's why you are joining the camp, right?


14. Is your camp only for a certain type of queer woman?

The programme is tailored to suit both the young and the mature. In past camps, we have had campers from ages 18 to 49, and those who are single or attached. The women usually come from a variety of professions and different corporate/professional levels.


15. What if I am below 21?

You are only permitted to attend the camp if you are 21 and above, sorry!


16. Can I extend my stay?

Extensions may be allowed, with advance notice required. Please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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