Sayoni Camp: An Enduring Journey Crafted for Women by Women

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This year, Sayoni Camp offers the opportunity to get in touch with yourself and start a journey to becoming your intrinsic, authentic self.

Do the words authentic self, emotional self, life position, resilience, well-anchored, contentment and presence stir something in you? If so, this camp is for you. Get to know the self. Be empowered with insight into how you have been automatically operating. Transform your current life position and get to a place you desire to be.

Self-discovery is also about fun. We promise excitement and loads of laughter if you are willing to come play with us! You will be in the company of like-minded women in an atmosphere created for self-discovery. Previous campers have raved about the surprises and joys they have experienced – you can too.

This camp will be led by two facilitators and supported by volunteers who are devoted to the empowerment of women. Much effort and heart has gone into planning this to create a safe, conducive environment for your fun and growth.

Click here to find out more about the camp! Sign up before 30 June 2016 to enjoy an early bird discount.


Sentiments of the Facilitators

“We believe that mastering our emotional state is the main ingredient in healthy and contented living. Being aware of and sensitive to our own emotional states and those of the people interact with helps us better manage ourselves and how we interact with the world. This provides us with the environment to make the best of our lives.

“We are passionate about the well-being of women and derive indescribable contentment from experiencing an individual’s increased self-awareness, and ultimately the joy and steadiness it brings to her life.”

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