IndigNation Event: Your relationships and you

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Event : Your relationships and you
Date: 12th August 2007 (Sunday)
Time: 3 – 6:30pm
Venue: 72-13

OCWomen and Sayoni are pleased to bring you a groundbreaking workshop which focusses on our selves in relationships.

The workshop takes you through a light-hearted process of reflection on your past/present relationships with the aim of providing you with greater clarity and self awareness.

Understanding the types of relationships we have lived through and the dynamics in the partnerships we make, gives clarity to what we are like when we are in a relationship. Understanding ourselves in our relationships is key to truly living a relationship.

Clarity and honesty within is crucial when inspecting our numerous motivations and our modes of operation. Only then will we begin to know who we truly are and build the relationship that resonates us. There will also be interactive discussions on the types of relationships, the roles that we play in them and signs of negative relationships.

For an afternoon of enlightenment, come !

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