Indignation Event: ??? – Does likeness matter?

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Event: ??? – Does likeness matter?
Date: 4th August 2007
Time: 7.30 pm
Venue: 72-13




Queer-themed Chinese writing has found a place in Singapore�s literary landscape, individually. Now they will come together at this groundbreaking event, for dialogue and expression. Celebrating diversity, this promises to be a literary treat for all.

Featuring academic and playwright Quah Sy Ren, writer Ng How Wee, young writers Teng Qian Xi, Irene Oh, Hong Simin and more, the audience will be treated to a forum wherein the intricacies of forbidden love and its inspiration, as spoken through Singapore Chinese literary works (original and translated), are explored. Follow us as we seek camaraderie in diversity.

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