Child-Watch Phuket fundraiser @ Two Queens Party!

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Dear Two Queeners,

Me & a colleague recently went down to Phuket for w@nation recce. Part of our trip was to visit Child-Watch Phuket, the orphanage we will be visiting on 23rd Oct, 2 to 5pm. Attached is a little of what they left we us while we were there, and what we hope to do during w@nation, to add a little sunshine to their lives. Child-Watch is run by a group of volunteers who gets a little help from strangers along the way, hence the development of a home to house the orphans, a school to teach the kids basic education, and a website to help Child-Watch Phuket gain awareness on a global level. What they lack though is continuing support to provide necessities (Books, Pens, Clothes, Milk) to provide for the children on a daily level, and most importantly, funds to eventually send these kids who are ready to enter primary education.

For our 3rd Oct Two Queens, we will be jumping in with a Child-Watch Phuket fundraiser party. If you�re not traveling to w@nation with us, you may take this opportunity to contribute a little on your end. We will be holding various fundraising activities from 9pm onwards to add a little festival feel to Thumper.

For more info on Child-Watch Phuket, do log on If you are interesting in sponsoring a child�s education on a long-term level, do talk to us at the Oct Two Queens Party.



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