Indignation Event: BiFocal

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Event: Bifocal
Date: 4th August 2007
Time: 3pm
Venue: 72-13

Can you remember the last time someone had a talk on bisexuality?

Wait, have we ever had a talk on bisexuality? Sure there are offensive articles published on gay websites, accompanied by even more offensive comments. Sure there are threads running in forums and mailing lists about how much they hate bisexuals. Sure there are people on both sides of the gender and sexuality fence cursing the B-word. But there still has never been anything that directly [and unbiasedly] tackles the issue on a community level. For all our political discourse, for all the coming out, relationship, single, chinese, artistic events, [insert what you've got] talks, forums, workshops and support groups we have every year, both within and without Indignation, this issue has gone entirely unaddressed.

This year, we plan to correct this omission – we are going to put the B back in the LGBTQ[IT?]. Organised by Sayoni, we present BiFocal, a forum on bisexuality, for both men and women. This ground-breaking event will cover issues that bisexuals face in their everyday life, in coming out, in relationships, in finding their own space within the queer community.

What does it really mean to be bisexual, in a world that is discovering its sexual fluidity? Who qualifies as a bisexual � is there a qualification at all? Can bisexuals ever be monogamous? Are bisexuals in straight relationships traitors? Are bisexuals separate from the gay community or part of it? Come down to hear various points of view on all these questions and more, in this fun, interactive forum.

If you wish to know more about this forum, feel free to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Also feel free to leave comments on this post on the issue, suggest topics for discussion et cetera.

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